Manual & Guidelines

The TMAP Handbook provides the framework for future technical adaptations and amendments of the Wadden Sea monitoring, and is a tool that combines monitoring in the field with the various levels of assessment and reporting requirements by the EU and other international programmes.

It contains:

an overview of all relevant monitoring requirements and assessment tools,
a list of monitoring parameters and parameter groups,
monitoring methods,
monitoring stations,
a list of responsible authorities,
a link to TMAP data exchange, including spatial data (TMAP Data Manual).

The TMAP Handbook is an interactive system based on a relational database which allows different surveys on the monitoring programme in relation to the different monitoring and reporting requirements. This allows different overviews on the monitoring programme, either from various EU Directives, OSPAR or other programs (CMS, Ramsar), and will continuously be reviewed and adjusted to new developments like the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The TMAP Monitoring Handbook thus connects the ecosystem view with the (partly) sectoral or non-Wadden Sea views of the other conventions and Directives, and lays the foundation of further harmonization of tools and approaches.
Download TMAP Handbook as data base (ZIP 1 MB)
Download TMAP Handbook as text files (version 16 May 2008)